An influential educational organization contacted Damai to seek an educational content distributing solution. This solution enable them to pre-write contents such as videos, photos, e-books, audio lectures into devices. Then specific end users are able to use phones or pads to access these contents via Wi-Fi connection.

Application Requirements

1.Portable and rechargeable
2.High Enough H/W and Wi-Fi Transfer speed
3.High Security (Internal Data can’t be copied, changed or deleted by anyone except organization themselves)
4.Own APP

The Damai Solution

Wireless Flash Drive based on NW5025S
  1. Hardware AES256bit Encryption
  2. Limited Access from PC
  3. Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  4. Storage Capacity: 16GB~256GB
  5. Interface: Type-C
  6. Data Managing: Database Management (instead of files management)

Key Design Challenge

Assign different types of authority to several roles.
Damai developed a PC super tool with which the organization is able to pre-write educational contentinto the devices at the beginning.
All internal data is read-only mode for end user so they can’t copy, change or delete data inside. The device is also encrypted so that only students recognized by this organization has the accessing privilege.
AuthoritiesClientCommon UsersNon-UserImplementation
Files Writing-in/Read/Copy Via PC connection××Super Tool
Reading Files via APP×Device Read Only Files encrypted by Firmware. Files decoded by APP. No access from Non-User because of Wi-Fi Password
Copy/Cut &Paste××Device Read Only
Access to local files in phone via APP×××Access to phone data shut down